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LINUX is FREE: The Truly Powerful Reason Why you should Slew to LINUX

As the lunatic programmer and people who work with the technologies, it is not always the easy way to let your guard down by doing some trials to the various system operation and doing some coding analysis all the time. We do also tend to be not out dated even in a second, at all, so we have to keep curious about what is new in the world of technology as well as creating inventions. Same goes to the reasons why we use Linux apart from other OS. The reasons are firstly going to what we mention above, and the second reason go to its gratis over plus. In simple way: Linux is free.

Who in this world does not know the saying that you need to pay for everything. But that saying is just a laugh in the world of Linux. Actually apart of its free stuff reasons, there are abundant compelling reasons why this Linux Operating system is become a favorite to us. Well, let us strict the reason by explaining the Linux is free reason here. Continue Reading


Being Safe with Multimedia Watchers in the MSPY

The best feature for entertainment that ever exists in the mobile phone or computer will surely the multimedia features. Getting a true entertainment such as videos and photos from good source is truly a great way for entertaining but how if the user of the device deviates the usage of the entertainment to find forbidden entertainment that should not entertain them. If you are worried about such thing, you better read this mSpy Reviews in the phone of the one that you concern about.

Some multimedia entertainments are dangerous for the one who have it. For example, porn video or violent video may lead to undesirable actions because some people imitate from that video. Such things are surely inappropriate in our life and it what makes us should be more careful. With this MSPY review, we will be able to find out what entertainment that is enjoyed by the one who we concern about. It will let us remind them when we find they do inappropriate thing with the multimedia features. Continue Reading


Multimedia: Li-Fi, Light based Wi-Fi

You may have enjoyed the wireless connection with Wi-Fi. In 2015, a brand new innovation has been invented to ease your internet browsing. Oxford University and University College work together to do their new project. It is Li-Fi, a wireless internet access based on light. In this case, light becomes a data connection means. It is taken from the optical wire. Then, it is strengthened and computer gets it. So, the light based technology is functioned as Wi-Fi access.

Li-Fi Offers Wonderful Speed

On Monday, February 16th 2015, Li-Fi succeeds to transfer the data using the speed that reaches 100 GBps. It is much faster than the fastest standard Wi-Fi speed, which is 802.11ac or it is equal with 7 GBps. It is very wonderful, right? However, Light based Wi-Fi is weaker than conventional Wi-Fi. It needs direct line of sight which is completed with special receiver even it is applied on a certain base station. The base station is installed in the ceilings. It is pretty similar with Infra Res connection we used to use in our old fashioned mobile phone. Continue Reading