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Knowing the Original Rules ofthe Basketball Game

As you know, basketball is kind of the great sport in the world. This kind of the sport becomes the favorite of many people in order to keep their health and also decrease their stress. In other hand, when we want to increase the sense of playing basketball, it is important for us to know the kinds of rules. Here, I have some kinds of the original rules of the basketball game. The kinds of the rules will be important to have the great basketball game with your friends.

The rules you should consider to know

Actually, the kinds of rules of the basketball game have been declared in January 15, 1892 by the James Naismith. The rules on this ancient era are quite different with the rules nowadays. However, it can be your new knowledge especially about the history of the great basketball game. Here, the first rule is the ball may be thrown in the free direction with the one or the two hands. So, it is same with the newest rule. Continue Reading